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This site is like a work release program for demons. They stay here until they’re no longer a threat to society. Sometimes the demons are dark and creepy, sometimes they’re fun. The name “Satanfudge” represents that juxtaposition. It’s also a name that’s hard to take seriously. In that sense, it’s a device that makes scary things less scary.

This is baby Stephanie.

Baby Stephanie

She eats rabbits.

14 Replies to “About Satanfudge”

  1. Hi, I would really like to meet the author (Satanfudge?) of the amazing Sasquatch images. I belong to a Sasquatch research organization in Canada and wanted to inquire about possibly inquiring/asking permission to use of of his amazing face renderings as part of our organizations logo. We are a not for profit just getting off the ground. We will be relaunching as a non for profit under another name but this is our history in url provided.Thank YOU!

  2. David, I especially love bigfoot #74. Can I use it as thumbnail for my upcoming youtube video documenting a compelling sighting I had earlier this year? I will give full credit to you and your website in the video description. Thanks, Steven F

  3. Really Wonderful Bigfoot facial images…
    If I use your bigfoot faces in a Bigfoot history video on youtube..
    How would you want to be credited in the youtube video discription?
    Thank you…

  4. Dear Satanfudge – your artwork is amazing. May I please use one or two of your Bigfoot faces for my book series (fiction) about Sasquatch? I will launch in Fall 2019 and am gearing up now…

  5. Arrgghhhh…having such a hard time with this. Third time is the charm? Your artwork is amazing. May I please have our permission to use one or two of your Bigfoot faces in a book series I will be launching in the fall? (fiction)……

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