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This site is like a work release program for demons. They stay here until they’re no longer a threat to society. Sometimes the demons are dark and creepy, sometimes they’re fun. The name “Satanfudge” represents that juxtaposition. It’s also a name that’s hard to take seriously. In that sense, it’s a device that makes scary things less scary.

This is baby Stephanie.

Baby Stephanie

She eats rabbits.

29 Replies to “About Satanfudge”

  1. Hi, I would really like to meet the author (Satanfudge?) of the amazing Sasquatch images. I belong to a Sasquatch research organization in Canada and wanted to inquire about possibly inquiring/asking permission to use of of his amazing face renderings as part of our organizations logo. We are a not for profit just getting off the ground. We will be relaunching as a non for profit under another name but this is our history in url provided.Thank YOU!

  2. David, I especially love bigfoot #74. Can I use it as thumbnail for my upcoming youtube video documenting a compelling sighting I had earlier this year? I will give full credit to you and your website in the video description. Thanks, Steven F

  3. Really Wonderful Bigfoot facial images…
    If I use your bigfoot faces in a Bigfoot history video on youtube..
    How would you want to be credited in the youtube video discription?
    Thank you…

  4. Dear Satanfudge – your artwork is amazing. May I please use one or two of your Bigfoot faces for my book series (fiction) about Sasquatch? I will launch in Fall 2019 and am gearing up now…

    1. I would like to clarify that in my books the Sasquatch are peace-loving non-destructive people who live in harmony with nature. They do not terrorize and destroy. The first book in Series One is about conflict between the leader and their Healer who rescues an outsider child which is against the sacred laws set down by the Ancients (they forbid contact with outsiders for the protection of the community). But as a group they are peaceful. In Series Two I explain how they (reluctantly) had to breed with the humans in order to avoid extinction. Just wanted to assure you I will not be promoting any negativity against the Sasquatch.

        1. Yes thank you! I will study this. My premise (of course this is fiction) that at some point in order to avoid extinction from a mass plaque, they were forced to interbreed with humans. The result was a hybrid community which has lived in secrecy since that time, which was called the Age of Darkness (because what they did went against everything they believed in as far as living in peace with others)…..in my stories they are intelligent, organized, respectful, peace loving. Their biggest threat is discovery by humans…..I so appreciate your help. You can see what I do with your artwork on my website – the series will hopefully be published this Fall (at least Books 1 – 4 of an 8 book series).

  5. Hi David, just wanted to mention I recently open a new website called Show Me Bigfoot that indexes over 560 links to Bigfootdom and features you and your sites on the Home page. Tried to message you before hand, hope you approve! If not please let me know. To say your work is awesome would be understated!

    1. Gary, Thank you so much for the heads up! You definitely have my permission and gratitude. I’m excited to check it out! Of the 560 links… what’s the most compelling link? To you, personally.

      1. Timbergiantbigfoot is truly the most compelling because of the number of sightings he’s recorded. He uses “purposelessness” as a tool, meaning he wanders aimlessly through the forest without purpose. I’m considering having a special page dedicated to links of what I consider his more prominent videos.

        I’m also totally sold on the Mike Wooley (RIP Mike) encounter as well as Kerry Arnolds of Bigfoot Odyssey. Maybe you can get with Kerry to capture the image of what he saw? He compares it to the controversial BF image by Cliff Crook of Bigfoot Evidence, if you’re familiar with that one. I see you’ve already rendered one of Mike Wooley’s.

  6. David, just discovered your work as I was searching for an image for a short novel called “Bigfoot Patrol.” Your Bigfoot faces are AMAZING. What would be involved in getting permission to use one of your pieces for a book cover?

    All the best,
    Les Butchart

    PS My website is under construction and needs much more work.

  7. Hi David,

    I was referred to your website by a friend of mine and found the bigfoot images to be absolutely compelling. These are by far some of the best renderings on the internet and I was curious to know what would be involved in getting your permission to use the images in an upcoming project that I am putting together? Some of these images would be used as a sort of template for the look we are going after and of course I will list you as the copyright holder and reference your website on our pitch materials. Again, love the work that you have done here!

    All the Best,


    1. Ben, thank you for your interest and thank you for asking. A lot of people don’t. I don’t have a legal process for granting permission, but you have my permission. If you need me to sign something, I will. Which images are you interested in? Do you need them in a specific format? What is the project?

      1. Thank you very much David and also thanks for the super quick reply! I am working on a series that will center around the world of the Sasquatch and the paranormal in a completely fictional sense, using a lot of creative license in regards to the story. My writing partner and I are putting together some pitch materials and loved the images 28, 53, 17, 31, 9, 32, 86 and 25. Will likely choose only three or four at the end of the day but wanted to inform you of all the images that we were interested in. No specific format is needed but if you do have any hi-res versions, it would be greatly appreciated!

        Thanks Again David,


        1. Let me know the 3 or 4 you choose and I’ll send hi res. If you open the individual images, they should be good enough FPO until you decide on finals. If u need something additional let me know!

          Thanks again

        2. 31 is not 100% mine. I based it on the Bigfoot Outlaws logo. Matt Knapp owns the image and a guy named Daniel Falconer drew the original sketch. I can get you in touch with Matt if needed. He might be worth reaching out too anyway. He’s an encyclopedia of Sasquatch and Sasquatch culture info. He’s the first eyewitness I ever worked with. This was the one he saw…

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