The Gods waged war with the demons. The Gods were losing badly and were about to go down in defeat. The following is a description of this event as described by Elizabeth Harding in her seminal book Kali, the Black Goddess of Dakshineswar.

Bigfoot v Mastodon

“Prehistoric humans — perhaps Neanderthals or another lost species — occupied what is now California some 130,000 years ago, a team of scientists reported.” Article: The First Americans


Quetzalcóatl, Tezcatlipoc & Cipactli


In one of the Aztec creation myths, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca battled the primordial earth-monster Cipactli. Tezcatlipoca used his foot as bait to lure her into battle, and Cipactli ate it. The two gods defeated her and made the land from her body.

Humbaba & Gilgamesh

Humbaba: Ancient Mesopotamia. A monstrous giant raised by Utu, the Sun. He was appointed Guardian of the Cedar Forest (where the gods lived) by Enlil.