Result: MOMO def. Bugbear
Result: MOMO def. Bugbear

Armor Class 16 • HP 27 (5d8+ 5)
STR 15 (+2)   DEX 14 (+2)   CON 13 (+1)   INT 8 (-1)   WIS 11 (0)   CHA 9 (-1)
Skills Survival +2, Stealth +6

Character Design Sketches

Sketches of characters from a D&D campaign, plus creature design sketches for  the D&D “Summon the Terror of Undermountain” contest.

The Terror of Undermountain.
Born from a regretted communion of the Mad Mage and a dreaded hellbeast whose name none dare pronounce. She stalks her father’s halls wearing the self-inflicted scars and magical deformities needed to survive centuries of banishment torturing and killing those who dare venture beyond Undermountain’s measured paths. The Terror of Undermountain.
Character Race: Bigfoot. Character Name: Momo
D&D Homebrew Race: Bigfoot (Type 1)