Norse Gods | LOKI

Loki (god of fire, magic, and mischief, son of Fárbauti) has always been one of my favorite characters. He’s tricksies.

Norse Trickster God
Norse Trickster God

6 thoughts on “Norse Gods | LOKI

  1. Hi, I am looking for an icon for my high school. And I thought Loki is the perfect icon that depicts my high school. Can I use this design for my school?

    1. Absolutely!
      Do you need me to send the file to you in some way?

      Let me know how it goes


  2. Hey, Love The Picture! Looking for A Picture For My Album Art Work And I Came Across This And It Blew Me Away. Is It Cool If I Use It? Great Piece Of Art Work!

  3. I was looking for an image to use as a homebrew beer label for a Baltic Porter that I am making called “Loki’s Labor”. I would like to use your Loki as the basis, if I may.

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