Persephone. Above her; Cerberus (the 3 headed Guardian of the gates of the Underworld) and underneath her (you have to rotate the image 180 – then he’s in the upper Left corner) is Hades. Those are his claws surrounding her. I thought if she were naked, it would make her seem more vulnerable and contrast the fangs, claws etc. surrounding her.

The story goes… she was picking flowers. Hades (ruler of the underworld) stole her and took her to his kingdom. She was eventually returned to her mother, Demeter, but 4 months out of the year she has to return to the Underworld. While she is gone her mother is so sad that she lets everything on Earth die until her daughter returns. And that’s how we have winter.

5 thoughts on “Persephone

  1. I love knowing the inspiration for this, David. It’s obviously beautiful, but the backstory adds so much richness. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your creative mind at work.

  2. I love this image.
    May I use your image (with full credit due you) on my website, which chronicles my battle with endometriosis?

  3. I was wondering if this is for sale? My father read me the story of Persephone when I was a child just before he passed away. It has always stuck (haunted) with me and I relate to the story more than I care to admit.

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