Type 2 Bigfoot Face 50

What if a species of bigfoot did not get to America via the Bering land bridge?

What if it lived in South America for tens of millions of years, then made its way north sometime over the last 15 million years? Well, it might look like the Type 2 Bigfoot. This scenario might explain why they are most often reported in the south.

Check out these two videos by Bob Gymlan. He presents a good argument for an ape in America growing so large:

1 – Sasquatch in the Americas, a Pre-History
2 – Best Bigfoot Candidate: Dryopithecus

This is a modified version of Danny Vendramini’s “Them and Us” Neanderthal. Modifications: Round pupils. New world monkey nose. Pronounced canines. Here is some more info about the different types of Bigfoot: www.bigfoot411.com

The Type 2 Bigfoot
The Type 2 Bigfoot

The original Neanderthal reconstruction images were created by Arturo Balseiro exclusively for Them and Us.org. They are copyright 2009: them and us.org

His work is amazing: http://dharmaestudio.wix.com/arturo-balseiro

Original Image courtesy of themandus.org | Copyright: themandus.org | Original Neanderthal reconstruction courtesy of themandus.org

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