This was a campaign I was involved in a couple of years ago. The digital work on this was crazy. unfortunately I don’t think it reflects the hours put into it though. By far the biggest challenge was the Eye-Drop-Water-Stream. I had to create a streak which had a lot of energy and motion, but was still clear enough that you could see the white of the eye underneath. Masking off the eye itself was crazy too. I wanted to keep the eyelashes separate from the rest of the eye so that I could fade some of the details out around the lids. that way the eye wouldn’t look cut out and pasted on the page. Anyway, those were the 2 biggest challenges. The fire, sand and barbed wires were pretty easy. So like most work in Photoshop…the flashiest elements were the easiest and the seemingly simple pieces were a nightmare.  Having said that, I really like these pieces, I’m glad I got to work on them. OH! p.s. – I created the transparency on the bottle so that no matter where you move it, it will remain transparent. So cool. I do that kind of stuff for me.




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