Photoshop, the Verb | Guitars and Gods

It’s taking waaay too long to upload these individually, so here are the remaining contest entries.

None of them won any more than a smattering of positive comments. Which is really much better than I’d hoped for.

“Apollo’s House” was the third piece I entered into that photoshop contest. The idea was rooted in the Greek story of Apollo and Daphne which is why the trees are women. I can’t really explain the escalator other than I thought it would be pretty pimp for a tree-house. Especially a God’s tree-house. This piece was pretty well done ‘technically’ and there are aspects that I like about it a lot, but I don’t love this one as much as some of the other things I’ve done. Anyway…

“Muse” was the final image I created for the contest I didn’t win.

I love it…but in retrospect…I’m not a huge fan of the color scheme. It’s a little bright. And primary. I did, however, go balls out on the doodles.

Click on the names above for higher res peek-a-boos