Arch Angel Tattoo

Same basic sketch…just a little more refined. A little more detail.
I like the Lion Armor. Next stage I think I’ll clean up all the lines.
At some point I’m going to start adding color.

Arch Angel Michael Tattoo Sketch 02
Arch Angel Michael Tattoo Sketch 02

6 thoughts on “Arch Angel Tattoo

  1. i got this tattoo yesterday but changed it a little by adding a devils wing so where it sits on my arm the devils wing symbolises my bad past drugs and crime etc and the angel wing on the front is to symbolise the good in my future! im on facebook add me if you like!

  2. I got this tattoo in vegas back in august. My first tattoo. I wanted a guardian angel and this was what I was seeing in my head. i love it.

  3. Hi David,

    I had this Archangel Micheal done on my upper back (about A4 size).
    My ink artist just added some shading to fill it out a bit, but otherwise it is left exactly like your sketch.
    Check out my on Facebook and look at my TAT album.

    This must be the most original and awesome design I’ve seen (and my ink artist agrees).

    Let me know what you think?

    Would appreciate it.


    1. that is really so cool to hear – I’m glad that you like it that much – can you send the link? I’d love to see it.

  4. Im looking to get the ark angel done on my whole back, i would love to see more designs if you could help out.

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