Arch Angel Tattoo Color

Here’s my first shot at color for the tattoo. In most of the reference I found for Michael…the colors were mainly blue red an gold which was difficult to work with because those are also Superman’s colors. Anyway, I really like where it is now…i think it has a classic feel.


6 thoughts on “Arch Angel Tattoo Color

  1. Looking good boss.
    I think you need to add in a serpent beneath his feet, or a devil head or skull getting crushed.

  2. You are officially my favorite artist now.I love this sketch. Would it be possible to have something similar draw up in a fallen angel theme, a somewhat ying to the yang if you will.I have literally been looking for archangel/fallen angel images ,one for each arm for the past year and have yet to find anything worth putting on my body untill now . The second phase without the color is exactly what I’ve been looking for and if I had a fallen angel for the other arm my search would finally be over! I’d be willing to pay ,however if it is not possible I understand and u still are an amazing artist none the less

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