Arch Angel Tattoo Color

Here’s my first shot at color for the tattoo. In most of the reference I found for Michael…the colors were mainly blue red an gold which was difficult to work with because those are also Superman’s colors. Anyway, I really like where it is now…i think it has a classic feel.


Arch Angel Tattoo

Same basic sketch…just a little more refined. A little more detail.
I like the Lion Armor. Next stage I think I’ll clean up all the lines.
At some point I’m going to start adding color.

Arch Angel Michael Tattoo Sketch 02
Arch Angel Michael Tattoo Sketch 02

Arch Angel Tattoo Art 01 | Michael

A friend of mine is getting a tattoo and asked for some designs. Here is my first shot at the first of two Angel tattos. Arch Angel Michael – Battle Angel. I like it as a sketch…but good lord it’s going on someone’s body. That’s hard core. It needs a lot of refinement. But its ok for a stage one sketch. Also the size restraints are interesting it has to fit within the space of his arm.

Arch Angel Michael Tattoo
Arch Angel Michael Tattoo

Norse Gods | Odin II and III

So, here is the final rendered art for Odin. Again…it makes me laugh when i see the initial sketch. Before starting the final rendering I made his beard bigger, I think it was more fitting a Norse God. And the only difference between these two is the black outline.



Old Photoshop. Butterflies, No Hurricanes.

I was going through some old files on my computer and came across these. I used to work at a local photography studio and so we always had props cameras and models on hand. Generally, when I had down time I would play with some of the images our photographers would take. these are some results from then. Like most of the things I do…I can’t tell if they’re cool or not. But I like them